Grendure is a combination of two important words for us: Green and Endure. 


  Our label was created by two Polish reverts to Islam – Julia and Paulina. 

We live in Poland & UK and we love the way how Islam and modest fashion connected us. 


Our vision is to create  beautiful hijab headscarf, dresses modestly and other clothes that would be modest but still considered “European”. Something that could be worn not only by Muslims but by every woman who loves modesty, elegance, and the highest quality.


  Apart from MODEST, we create LONG LASTING, HIGH-QUALITY wear. We aim to steer away from fast fashion ideas. We chose to create less but BETTER – better materials, better execution with better quality. The mission is that our brand will become more GREEN and ecological with time starting from the small steps which we are taking.


  First step – to create our brand following the ideals of SLOW FASHION, which means we will never produce thousands of our products at a time. There will be small amounts only, as much as there is demand for it. We will do our best to reduce the usage of plastic and make our packaging more eco.



Because we should always remember about our beautiful planet. 



-A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World-


  As a young brand, we took it as our goal to wholeheartedly support a beautiful charity A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World will be mentioned by us a lot. A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World is a foundation that helps children in Nigeria. We chose to support our beautiful sister Joanna who created it and who manages it very well. 


  Grendure guarantees 5% of each product price will be donated for A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World. We already provide for two beautiful girls Fatima & Habiba, and we hope that with time and your help we can provide for much more children in need.


Welcome to Grendure!

Grendure - Hijab