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Every order matters- The Rainbow Hearts Foundation
31 December 2021

Every order matters- The Rainbow Hearts Foundation

Grendure cares about a lot of things. We care about our customers of course, and we care about the environment and the future of our planet. But this article is about something very special for us. 


From the very beginning, even before the shop came to be, we knew we wanted to do more than just a shop. We wanted our actions to be meaningful. We knew that we can't change the whole world, but we can try to make it better at least for some.


That's how we came up with an idea of supporting the charity organisation called A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World.

We fell in love with this charity the very second we learnt about it. Why? Because they are open to everyone, very honest with their actions, and never say no to anyone who asks for help. 


And so, we decided to show some love and appreciation for their amazing and very hard work. We agreed that from every order placed on our website, regardless of its amount, we donate 5% to Rainbow Hearts Foundation.  
This is why each of your purchases means so much to us. Together we can do something good. Helping is awesome! 

And now something more about the Foundation...


A & A Rainbow Hearts Around the World is a non-profit charitable organization. 
Their main mission is to fight hunger and to help children- from providing clothes and food to ensuring they receive necessary and much-needed education.  All to bring a smile to their faces and change their world for the better.


The Rainbow Hearts charity helps the poorest families in the world. It all started in Nigeria, but the charity keeps growing and now volunteers help in other countries as well: the help goes to Kenia, Palestine, Egypt, and Afghanistan, as well as to the refugees on the Polish-Belarussian border and for those refugees in Belarus. The help consists, amongst other things, of ensuring clothing, food, medicine, and education.  


Heart Adoption

The charity created a special program, a "Heart Adoption"- the idea is to find a patron for each child in need.  A virtual adoption like this means a patron agrees to set amount of monthly payments that will ensure chosen child access to education and food. 


It is a chance for children to regularly attend school and receive a proper education. Adoption of the heart guarantees that children will receive education, clothing, basic medical care, and also food. If you decide to adopt, it is very important to remember that this is a financial commitment. 


Once you contact the charity, you will receive a portfolio of children in need. They are usually half-orphans or children from extremely poor families. You will be able to decide, depending on your financial situation, how much you want to pay and how often you will have contact with the child. Keep in mind the minimal amount to help a child is 100 zloty which equals roughly 22 euro or £18.50 paid monthly. 



People with big hearts

The founders of the Foundation are Joanna and Adam. 
They use their private funds and donations from other donors, e.g. from the portal,  where collections are organised, or the disinterested help of her friends to organise humanitarian aid in places where it is most needed. 


It might seem not much for us, just a few euros or a few pounds, but for those children, it means the world. It is enough to cover their basic needs, out of which most important to fight is their hunger and thirst. 

Why the "Rainbow Hearts"? 
After a storm, the sun always comes out and a rainbow appears in the sky. A rainbow is a symbol of hope, peace, and change for the better, a new beginning. 


Rainbow Hearts wants to give families in need hope for a better life.
To live without hunger, to improve their life situation, to provide children with proper education so
that they will have a good start in the future - because children are our future, they need and deserve a chance for a better life. 

Joanna had one more reason to name the charity "Rainbow Hearts".  
Perhaps it was a sign that what she was doing made sense and went in the right direction.


When they first helped a Nigerian family, after a heavy storm she saw a rainbow over her house - a chance for a better tomorrow for thousands of children all over the world.  


Help is priceless. Regardless of skin color, origin, or religion. It is another human being and their life that is of importance. Doing good and not expecting anything in return. The sight of children's sincere smiles soothes the heart and gives happiness.  


Selfless help is a sign of respect, love, support, and understanding for those in need. The most important thing is to help those families in need and save them from hunger and protect their lives.
Rainbow Hearts wants to change the world and inspire others to be kind and tolerant, without religious or ethnic distinctions. 


How can you Help?

Without your help, the Foundation cannot exist. When helping, let's try and forget about differences and focus on changing the world for the better. Even the smallest amount, such as 1 zloty or 1 Euro means a lot.


You probably think "what can one euro change", right?

But the more people donate as little as one euro, the sooner that one euro will change in thousands- this is how you change the world, this is how you save little children from hunger. 

More information about the Foundation can be found on their Instagram and Facebook.




Team Grendure