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03 August 2023

Hijab not only for grown ups. 

Islam is a simple religion and purity, modesty and humbleness are very important in it.

Hijab is not just a scarf thrown over the head; it is also a way of being, behavior, and speech.


For Muslim women, it's a symbol of modesty, a relationship with God, and submission to His will. The 4 major schools agree on women covering their hair. It becomes a woman's obligation once she reaches puberty. Young children in every culture imitate their parents, so when girls see their mothers and other women wearing a hijab, they often want and feel ready to do the same.


Covering the head by children is not a requirement, but it is also not prohibited. A common phenomenon in Arab culture is to encourage girls from an early age to wear a headscarf in order to get them used to it, which is to help them later put it on without hesitation and with joy.


As with every purchase, we prefer to know which products are the most recommended. To make it easier for them, there are instant hijabs for children, in various colors, sizes, and styles, or even decorated with pins, beads, and frills.


Probably the most convenient option is the ready-made one, which is easy to put on and take off, nothing needs to be fastened or tied. They also differ in material, and cotton, viscose, and chiffon are considered the most common choices for such a hijab. Hijab fabrics should be chosen accordingly to the weather, if done correctly, hijabs are airy and comfortable to wear even in the summer.

In winter Muslim women often prefer jersey hijabs because scarves made of this material drape nicely.


Such instant products also exist in a version for little girls and will be soon available in our store.