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Little bit about slow fashion
07 January 2022

Little bit about slow fashion


"Slow Fashion" is a phrase associated with a rational approach to fashion shopping. Just like with slow food, slow fashion is a kind of conscious and rational approach - in our case, to clothes. It should not be treated as a new trend or fad but as a modern look at the needs of your own and thus your closet.


Slow fashion is a relatively young movement in the clothing market. It arose in opposition to the popular fast fashion, which is a quick fashion dictated by momentary trends.


The idea of Slow Fashion encourages us to conscious buying and to avoid cheap clothing chains that quickly replace collections. Constant changes require express production, which, combined with low prices, can only be provided by factories that treat workers unethically.


Of course, there are chain stores that care about the welfare of their employees and the environment. Factories that manufacture in the European Union, USA, and Australia must meet much higher standards. Ecological awareness and restrictions concerning ecological production are also at a higher level in these countries.


People who follow the principles of slow fashion, instead of inconsiderately buying several or a dozen items during the sales frenzy, prefer to buy one or two pieces of better quality clothing at a correspondingly higher price. They want their closet to be tidy and contain only what they actually like to wear every day, and what will serve them for many years. Slow fashion is more than just buying the less and better quality of your clothes and accessories. It's also about taking care of the environment altogether.



Clothes made at the cheapest cost, quickly deteriorate, and temporary trends make them go out of fashion even faster. Unfashionable and damaged clothes from all over the world end up in landfills, and paints and chemicals used to create colors and prints pollute the environment. All this can be avoided thanks to slow fashion!


At Grendure we sew only as many clothes as we have a demand for. We want to sell products, which will not wear out immediately and will look good for a long time, so the necessity of replacing them with new clothes will not come too soon.
We know that customers pay attention to prices. It should be remembered that slow fashion prices will be higher than the prices of clothes from chain stores or imported from such places as Turkey or China and sold online


But no, it is not "too expensive". We choose the highest quality, not quantity.
We make sure that the production process is fair trade - working conditions are ethical, in a Polish sewing room, where we sew our clothes and scarves. The whole process before the collection is created requires a lot of preparation, from designing the collection, choosing materials, testing each new product before they are introduced to our clients, making all necessary corrections, to the final product which will be delivered to our store.

When you pay attention to these very important details, then you will understand the enormity of the work and the price of the products, which is often forgotten.



Team Grendure