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Welcome to the Grendure Fashion World!
28 December 2021

Welcome to the Grendure Fashion World!

After many months of hard work, Grendure was finally established.
It was created by Julia and Paulina. Both Muslim reverts, both passionate about modest clothing and Islam of course. This inspired them to create something great together- a modest clothing line for every woman- and that’s how Grenudre came to be.


What does GRENDURE mean? 


We like to think that we are not another ordinary fashion brand, and our name represents it.
Grendure is a combination of two words- “green” and “endure”- words that have great meaning for us. These are not random words we chose, but they are to show our goal- to create a green brand with durable, long-lasting, and timeless clothes, that you can wear and enjoy for years.

What do we do, and what are our goals?

Grendure is, first of all, a Polish brand. We create our clothes, from design to sewing, all in Poland. We make our clothes following not only Modest Fashion but also Slow Fashion. These two are very important for us.


Modest Fashion is something we love- clothing that is modest but still fashionable and for every occasion- that’s what we aim to achieve. We dream of making beautiful modest clothes easily available for everyone. 
Slow Fashion is an idea that agrees with us both as Muslims and citizens of our beautiful Planet. We do not make more than what we need, not more than what is asked of us by our clients. The idea is to always make small quantities, with possibly the best quality fabrics, by skilled and ethically hired professionals. We care about our employees; we support fair wages and a friendly work environment.
We aim to become more eco with each step we take. We try our best to choose eco-friendly fabrics for our clothes when possible, such as viscose, and we avoid using plastic for our packaging.  We care for our environment, so in the future, you will see more changes for the better.

Who can wear our clothes?

Short answer: EVERYONE
As Muslims, we get inspired by Islamic ethics, but we hoped to create clothes that can be loved by everyone, regardless of their beliefs and style. We love modest clothing, and if you do, too, we hope you will support us and our mission.
Of course, you don’t have to be a Muslim to wear our beautiful maxi dresses or elegant trousers fit for every occasion. Even our scarves can be worn in any way you want, and in any weather, too! 
We want to assure you, that we do our best to achieve the highest quality possible, and our clothes are meant to stay with you for years. 


Contact us, tell us how we're doing!


We are ready to answer all your questions, and we’d love to hear your feedback. You can do that on our Instagram or Facebook, as well as via email address.


Rainbow Hearts

The charity will be mentioned a lot on our website and fanpages, as we chose to support them. We will write more about it soon, but meantime- do not forget- every purchase matters! Each order small or big means 5% of the purchase price goes to Rainbow Hearts.
You can read more about Rainbow Hearts here.
It is good to help!


We do it all for women who love modesty, elegance, and high quality, just like us.

Team Grendure